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Meet the PMG Team

As one of the youngest management teams in San Pedro, we bring new energy to property management. In this competitive industry, it is important to bring new ideas and keep up with vacation rental trends, but with an important balance of ethical values. 

We understand the investment it takes from homeowners, as well as guests, who choose to vacation at one of our properties, so it is important to be transparent, honest and trustworthy.

Property management is definitely a “hands-on” job, you need to be present to make sure everything runs smoothly. Property Management has multiple layers to it and it is essential that a team can visibly make sure all its functions are cohesive.

Meet the PMG Team

We are a relatively small team, based at our Indigo Beach Homes property. Our operations are handled from this hub, but we are certainly not glued to our office chairs.
General Manager, PMG & Indigo Belize

I became the General Manager at Indigo Beach Home in January 2019, and my role double as the local manager for Paradise Management Group Vacation Rentals. I enjoy being involved in our everyday operations, so I am no strangers to the team, our guest and owner. Passionately, I guide our team projects, I ensure transparent property management for homeowners and quality vacation experience for our guests.

I have proudly obtained my bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management, and participated in the Disney Management program in Florida, and through my education and experience, I thrive to bring a competitive edge to property management and our tourism industry in Belize. Living in San Pedro, I enjoy  fishing, relaxing beach days, and rooting for my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, during the NFL football season.

Marketing & Quality Assurance, PMG

It is difficult not to be passionate about the tourism industry in Belize, when the product is “home”. I invested in my education and my work experience with the Disney company, to gain professional insight in the industry and to be able to input what I have learned into my daily role at PMG.

I work alongside our onsite teams ensuring that everyone has the right training and understanding of the standard of service that PMG offers to guests and owners. From our initial greeting through reservations, to our check-in process and preparation of the vacation homes, it is all about the details and personal interaction from our team, of which we pride ourselves in.

My daily tasks also involves marketing our property listings through all platforms and to provide genuine information on our vacation homes.  

Accountant, PMG

With over 14 years of experience as an accountant, I have worked with large and small entities, and this has given me an all around experience in international and local finance management. I am now the head accountant for Paradise Management Group, and my priority is to provide transparency in bookkeeping and account management, for owners, as well as overseeing daily accounts for PMG.

I wholeheartedly promote value, honesty and trust in my daily tasks. When not in office, I am busy being a super mom to my two kids. 

Groundskeeper, Indigo Belize

I love my job at Indigo, I am responsible for making the property look beautiful for our guests. I enjoy planting new flowers throughout the property and watching them bloom yearly. At the end of the day, it makes me happy when guests are “wowed” by how the property looks, when they arrive.

I am not a very chatty person, but if you ask me a question or for service, I am willing to help. Indigo is my second home and I feel fortunate to be a part of this team!

Maintenance Supervisor, Indigo Belize

Working behind the scenes is what I do. As the maintenance supervisor for the HOA, I ensure that our buildings and ground are well maintained. From our water pumps and cisterns, to our RO and generator, my job is to make sure that all of our hardware is serviced and fully functional, for owners and guests. Part of my job is to engage in new projects that will beautify and upgrade our property, and I love utilizing my carpentry skills to create new things. Our most recent project was the hand-made Indigo sign located in front of the property – I am very proud of that project.

Living in San Pedro, Indigo is my home and I enjoy waking up everyday to utilize my skills and to help make this property memorable for guests and having owners being proud of our team. On my time off, I look forward to fishing adventures with my family and football practices with my son. 

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