Unique Mayan Ruin Adventure

El Castilo at Xunantunich

For almost 3000 years, the ancient Maya civilization flourished in Belize, building towering temples as tribute to their god-like rulers. The remains of these once-mighty city-states are scattered throughout the country and are prime for exploration.

Explore the Mayan Ruins at numerous sites in Belize or even Tikal in Guatemala.

Tours and packages available for the following

  • Xunantunich – Easy access and well developed archaeology
  • Lamanai – Exciting river trip to this famous site on the new river
  • Altun Ha – Easy access off the highway
  • Caracol – Largest Ruin in Belize its a 2 day trip into the Pine Mountains
  • Tikal – Large ruins in Guatemala, requires 2 day trip and Guatemalan guides.

Our concierge staff will refer you to a licenced tour operator  who will pick you up from the dock.