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Your Trusted Resource for Vacation Rental Property Management on Belize

What Makes Us Different?

We honed our skills as Property Managers in the USA and brought those skills and practices with us to Belize to best serve US based property owners here. Not only do we understand Belize property management and marketing, we also understand YOU.

Owner Guarantees

In a perfect world, nothing would ever go wrong and every communication would be perfectly understood. While we can’t guarantee either of those things, we can offer these guarantees instead:

No Maintenance Surprises Guarantee:

You will not receive a “surprise” owner statement with unauthorized maintenance charges. Prior to any maintenance work being performed on your property, you will receive an email regarding the work needed, backed up with photographic evidence.


If any work is performed without your prior knowledge or consent, it’s free.

No Housekeeping Surprises Guarantee:

If you arrive to your property and housekeeping services are not up to typical standards of excellence, the cleaning fee for that stay will be waived.

Paradise Management Rental Facts & Figures

Property Value $18-20 million
Average Rental 6.4 Days
Avg Reservation ~$2,100
Property Management Belize - Oversized Chess Board

Property Management Services for the Owner

  • US-Based Banking
  • 24/7 Owner Access to Real-Time Account Status
  • Monthly Detailed Financial Statements
  • Robust Property Management System with Integrated Channel Management
  • Complete Online & Offline Marketing Strategies
  • Professional Home Photography
  • In-House Dedicated Maintenance
  • Professionally Trained Housekeeping & Inspection Services
  • Keyless Property Entry
  • Available Bill-Payment Services

Vacation Services for our Guests

  • Secure Online Booking Portal
  • Security Deposit Protection Plan
  • Travel Insurance
  • Concierge Services
  • Personalized Check-In/Check-Out
  • Welcome Basket
  • Detailed Arrival Instructions with Confirmations
  • Airport Transfers Available
  • Additional Housekeeping Available
  • 24/7 Emergency Contact
Indigo Belize - Belize Property Management

Value-Added Benefits to Each Client Partner

US Banking

Your funds are safe in US based-banking institutions. Client partners earn 2% upfront rather than paying the 2% fee imposed by Belize Central Bank. Rental distributions are made on a monthly basis in US dollars.

We Work For You

As your designated property manager, our first commitment is to you. We will advocate on your behalf to guests and outside entities and vigorously defend your rights as a property owner.

Maximize Your ROI

Our extensive marketing initiatives and “best-in-class” guest service earns loyalty, referrals and repeat guests. These activities serve as a major boost your profitability and ROI.

Integrated Property Management System

Our state-of-the-art dedicated property management solution handles it all. From trust accounting to housekeeping scheduling to your annual 1099, we’ve found a system that consistently exceeds expectations. The integrated Owner section and its intuitive interface allows you to review all information about your property.

Open Door Communication

We stay in touch regularly. Whether it’s about a maintenance opportunity for your property, some pertinent local news or a new marketing strategy we’re deploying, you’re always in the loop.

Friends & Neighbors

We have both and we are both. We’ve got our ears to the ground and stay on top of what’s happening in our community and how it might benefit our Client Partners. From the Belize Tourism Board to the Vacation Rental Managers Association, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the island and our industry.

We're Good Neighbors

We have a responsibility to present Belize tourism in the best light possible to both our community and global neighbors. We stay connected to property associations, and neighbors. We familiarize ourselves with subdivision regulations and we clearly communicate all of the above with our guests.


We make it easy for guests to find and interact with us! We accept reservations by phone and e-mail daily during business hours. Guests are also encouraged to book online for 24/7/365 service.

Marketing Channel Integration

Our feature-rich Property Management system provides guests a dynamic website with direct booking capabilities, as well as integration with all the major marketing channels, platforms and OTAs. Calendars, rates and promotions are synced across all channels to minimize discrepancies and maximize exposure.

Additional Marketing Avenues

While our website is a great marketing tool, it’s definitely not the only one in our arsenal. We also actively market your property with targeted email campaigns, modern search engine optimization, next-level content marketing and on our social media channels.

Offline Promotions

While print and media are not quite the marketing powerhouses they used to be, we’re continually surprised at the high quality of leads they provide. We will never leave a stone unturned in promoting your property and maximizing your revenue.

Interior Design Services

We get that not everyone is Joanna Gaines. That’s okay, we have our own “Joanna” on staff, who can offer her professional services to furnish and decorate your property with the perfect island theme to entice new guests and then turn them into repeat fans!

Guest Services

Every member of our staff is an ambassador for our properties and for Belize. We find enormous joy in making each guests’ stay vacation perfection. If they need us, we’re here. We’ll help them find the best restaurants, the best dive spot, the best cup of coffee and the best unspoiled beach. We’re also available 24/7 if anything goes wrong or if they have a problem. All they have to do is reach out.

Housekeeping & Inspections

Our housekeeping and inspections teams are professionally trained to vacation rental industry standards. An assigned inspector meticulously examines your property before and after each guest, ensuring consistency and quality of service.


Many a vacation has been ruined by appliances that don’t work, a pool that’s dirty or any other manner of unacceptable maintenance issues. And for us, that’s the key word. Unacceptable. Our in-house dedicated maintenance staff are industry professionals, available 24/7 and armed with the knowledge and hands-on skills to keep your property in top shape. We maintain close partnerships with outside vendors for specialized tasks.

Always Available

We understand how scary it can be to be in a foreign country and have an emergency. Our office hours may end at 6pm, but we sure don’t shut off our phones. Emergency maintenance is available 24/7 and we respond to all inquiries quickly and professionally. Emergency information is prominently displayed in each and every property.

Property Management Focused

We are dedicated property managers. It’s all we do. Our focus is to provide unsurpassed excellence in service to our Client Partners and our guests. Our #1 goal is the highest possible return on your investment.