Belize Rentals With Private Chef Service

A Personalized Private Chef Experience In Belize

Rich historic traditions are well-preserved when it comes to preparing local Belizean food and we bring the best flavors of Belize to your dinner table at Indigo Belize or Casa De Bonita.

Bon Appetit From Belize!

With our Ready-Made Meals and Full-Service Private Chef Experience – whether it’s a large family gathering or a romantic couples getaway, oceanfront and al-fresco – we’ll deliver an authentic Belizean dining experience right to the doorstep of Indigo Belize!

Belizean Welcome Meal

US $20.00/per person

Let us welcome you to Belize with a deliciously unforgettable traditional meal. After a long day of travelling, you’ll need time to relax, unwind and settle into the comfort of your vacation rental. Add to that comfort when you order a ‘Welcome Meal’ on arrival – a family style classic Belizean dish of rice and beans, stewed chicken, coleslaw (carrots and cabbage), along with a pitcher of fruit punch and a platter of tropical fruits for dessert.

Delivered to your condo prior to arrival, ready to be served and savored, we highly recommend this tasty experience to prepare the palate for the creative combinations of Caribbean cuisine in Belize and for complete vacation convenience.

All orders are to be placed one week in advance, for a minimum of 4 people. Please be sure to notify us of any dietary restrictions.

Readymade Belizean Meals

From US $15.00/per person

Our guests love our ‘Belizean Welcome Meal’ so we’ve extended our menu to offer a variety of private chef-prepared meals to order. These fragrant traditional dishes are prepared to the highest standards using only the freshest local produce. Traditional, tasty and a great addition to your Belize vacation.  Schedule your private chef, at least one week in advance, for a minimum of 4 people. Please be sure to notify us of any dietary restrictions.

Restaurant Menu



Fresh seasonal fruit is included with entrees

Full-Service Private Chef Experience

From $100 service charge per meal (not including groceries)

Let’s bust the myth that only celebrities have private chefs on vacation! All our Belize vacation rentals offer a personalized in-home dining and private chef experience. Pick up your supplies at a local market or leave the entire occasion in the hands of a local Belizean chef. They’ll provide the freshest ingredients, spices and flavors and you’ll be sure to savor the true essence of a traditional Caribbean meal in the comfort of your vacation home.

Our goal is to give you the most unique Belizean experience possible during your stay with us! If you’d like to order any of the ready-meals or a private chef for any (or all) of the nights of your stay, please place your order and let us know your personal requirements at least one week prior to arrival so we can make the arrangements.

Please note: 

Kindly note that conch and lobster have seasonal availability. Conch season starts in October and closes in June. Lobster season starts in June and ends in February.

Welcome meals and private chef services are not offered during peak season dates from December 18 to January 8. 

A list of restaurant options is provided to you on arrival or start planning here.

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